Chapter 4—Management and accountability

External scrutiny

As Table 17 shows, external scrutiny measures which affected the agency were limited to routine audit scrutiny and one freedom of information request.

Table 17 External scrutiny, 2011–12
Type Activity
Auditor-General The agency was the subject of a financial statements audit by the Australian National Audit Office. In August 2012 the Australian National Audit Office issued an unqualified auditor’s report in its audit of the agency’s 2011–12 financial statements.
Privacy Commissioner The Privacy Commissioner made no reports under the Privacy Act 1988 concerning the agency’s practices or actions.
Commonwealth Ombudsman The Commonwealth Ombudsman considered no matters involving the agency.
Freedom of information (FOI) requests One application for access to information under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 was received. The documents were released with some parts deleted. In accordance with Information Publication Scheme requirements, this information was published in the agency’s FOI Disclosure Log and is accessible from the OPH website.
Parliamentary committees Other than Senate estimates committees, the agency did not appear before any parliamentary committees. No reports on issues specifically relevant to Old Parliament House were made by parliamentary committees.
Administrative Appeals Tribunal No decisions by the agency were the subject of review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.
Judicial decisions The agency was the subject of no judicial decisions in 2011–12.
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