Appendix E: Advertising and market research

This appendix addresses the annual reporting requirements contained in s. 311A of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

The total payment by Old Parliament House to advertising and market research organisations in 2011–12 was $280,180 (GST inclusive), and comprised payments to:

  • advertising agencies
  • market research organisations
  • media advertising organisations.

During 2011–12, the agency conducted no advertising campaigns within the definitions of the Guidelines on Information and Advertising Campaigns by Australian Government Departments and Agencies. All advertising was for non-campaign purposes, primarily to publicise the agency’s exhibitions, public programs and other visitor services

Table 25 lists the individual payments of more than $11,900 (GST inclusive).

Table 25 Payments of more than $11,900 for advertising and market research, 2011–12
Type of organisation Company name Purpose Amount (GST inclusive)
Advertising agency Draftfcb Melbourne Pty Ltd Conduct an awareness campaign. $38,891.71
Goosebumps Creative Pty Ltd Conduct creative campaigns to promote the museum and exhibitions. $43,144.75
Komosion Develop a social media strategy. $21,587.50
Zoo Advertising Conduct creative campaigns to promote the museum and exhibitions. $25,196.05
Market research organisation Fenton Strategic Communications Pty Ltd Provide media relations services. $49,006.00
Market Attitude Research Services Pty Ltd Evaluate onsite learning programs and exit surveys. $24,090.00
Media advertising organisation Adcorp Australia Ltd Place press advertisements promoting the museum and exhibitions. $44,457.86
Mediabrands Australia Pty Ltd trading as Universal McCann Place television advertisements. $132,714.02
Murrays Australia Pty Ltd Deliver outdoor advertising to promote the museum and exhibitions. $31,700,01
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